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Sheryel Aschfort, "The Polo Paparazzi""I have been photographing the game of Polo and the stars that play the game for several years, earning the name The Polo Paparazzi from the beginning because of my fascination with the famous people involved in the sport, and the unbelievable athletic ability of these people and their horses. You can find me on the fields of the International Polo Club Palm Beach several times a week during Polo season.


The Polo players and the horses are some of the most beautiful in the world, and the most exciting to photograph. My hope is this book and the others that follow will pique the interest of people who are unfamiliar with the sport. To see Polo is to love the game! Known worldwide as the second-most dangerous sport (next to Nascar), the excitement and talent is unmatched. I hope everyone enjoys these books and collects them all. See you in Wellington!"